Sunday, October 22, 2017

Zomtober - Week 4

This past week saw the completion of another Runner for Zombicide Black Plague

I also paid a visit to the Onslaught Event going on this weekend & run by my friend Ward. I don't generally play in tournaments, however Justin was coming up from Calgary for some open gaming on Saturday Night. He brought up his recently completed board for Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago. I also got in a game of Frostgrave with him & his friend Terras. As he was busy with the battleboard, he didn't have time to generate any bands for Ghost Archipelago, so I didn't get a chance to try it out.

Bruce is coming over this afternoon to do some prep for my November 11th gaming afternoon.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Fate of the Elder Gods

Last night at the club I brought out one of my recent Kickstarter arrivals. Fate of the Elder Gods.

In this game each of the 4 players controls a cult bent on summoning their chosen Great Old One. Of course the other cults are trying to prevent this, whilst summoning their own God.

Add into the mix pesky Investigators who are attempting to plant elder signs which, if enough are placed will end the game.

Then there are the curses which can plague the would be cults, further slowing the completion of their goals..

My cult was serving Tsahtoggua. As can be seen the investigators have been quite busy dropping elder signs on my cult. As well I had only gotten 2 points on the summoning track itself.

The board where most of the action occurs. Each zone (called an altar) provides various effects to aid your cult, or hinder others. The altars also are repositories for magic mana of various types. In order to ready spells, players must use these differing coloured mana powers to make their spells castable. This seemed to be the most troubling for players to grasp in the game, however I feel it went well.

In the end, Wiley had his cult track covered in Elder signs, which immediately end the game, with him losing. Winner is then determined by the person with the least number of elder signs, followed by the highest performance towards successfully summoning. In this case it was Richard who walked away with the win.

His response 'But I didn't even know what I was doing most of the game' 



Sunday, October 15, 2017

Zomtober Week 3 - One of the Big Guys

This week's entry is one of the Zombicide Black Plague - Fattie's. I really like these sculpts, & they do take quite a bit more time than my other zombies as there is just so much more to paint!

Next, though not a zombie, a definite piece seen throughout zombie pics! A dumpster from Aintsy Castings.

This was the second dumpster of this type I purchased, the other is a previous blog post many months ago. Again some graffiti decals added

Also keeping with the other dumpster is the Soylent Green Sanitation company. 'Where Nothing Goes to Waste'.

I also attending a gaming day which some members of our club are hoping to make into a monthly affair. In the morning I got into a game of the new Mustafa's ruleset Rommel.

I played against Dave the host using his 6mm figures. It was a Battle of Alamein with the 2nd NZ Division breaching the minefields for the armoured divisions to follow.

Taking my chances, a large number of the infantry with some armoured support rushed through the minefields, risking hits, but generally getting through unscathed. One unit of each remained behind for the breaching operation. 

The lighting in the venue was horrid, however steps are being taken to remedy that for future events. A view from the Italian side. Most of the British armour is waiting on the far side of the minefields.

Flanking the defensive line, the NZ force was able to push an Italian unit into the rough mountainous terrain & then successfully destroy it, capturing the ridge. The Italians were in rough straights, as they had few units & seemed they really didn't have a chance. They were waiting for the German Armour to arrive, but by then the damage was done. Thanks Dave for bringing this system out to try.

As the finale to the day & with it being the month of Zomtober, I pulled out my Zombicide Black Plague for a game. We got an abomination arrival early in the game. (Hey Look! Someone is making a cameo from the top of this post!- He just seems a little blubberingly blurry)

However some savy searches yielded up Dragon bile & a torch.

Whoosh! Abolished Abomination! 

Alas, our luck was not to last as eventually the walkers were getting multiple activations when they were all on the table & kept getting spawned. First it was the Dwarf, taking it for the team. He was followed by Nelly, the elf, Anne & we then called the game as it was obvious we were doomed! Good fun was had by all!

Thus another eventful week draws to a close with the season finale of Fear the Walking Dead this eve!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Zomtober Week 2 - Walkin into Thanksgiving

Here is this weeks entry, a walker zombie from Zombicide Black Plague. Alas, not a good week for painting, as I've been trying to get a bunch of winter projects stuff based & primed as the weather is heading towards true fall temps....below 0 today when I woke up. Plus it's Thanksgiving, so we have that meal to attend too, my waistline will suffer once again I am sure.

So here he is

I believe Christie wants to do the dinner today, so I hope to get some brushtime while the turkey is in the oven!

For those of you who are also celebrating this holiday, Happy Thanksgiving! For those not, then move to Canada & you can!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Star Wars Imperial Assault - Return to Hoth Heroes

While getting my entry for Zomtober completed, I was also able to finish up some Star Wars Imperial Assault figures for a buddy.

First we have the droid MHD-19

The Marksman Loku Kanoloa

And Verena Talos -  the Operative

As well as some closeups

I have another 3 of these miniatures now on the painting queue for next Sunday.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Zomtober Week 1 - A Running Start

Whew! I actually made the deadline! Alas it is but 1 figure for this week, but as I've been on a bit of a painting hiatus, it is a start.

So for my first entry here is another Runner from the Zombicide Black Plague core set.

As Sunday's are my usual miniature painting days, today should allow me to get a good handle on next week's entries.

And their off!!!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Frostgrave Campaign - Game 8

Sunday had our next campaign game of Frostgrave. This time we played the Haunted Houses scenario.

6 ruined stone structures surround a central ruin. Within each of the 6 structures is a treasure. Whenever a figure enters one of the structures or the treasure is moved, a dice is rolled. On a 16-20 a Wraith appears within the ruin.

Treasures collected provide 40xp. Any warband slaying a wraith receives an additional 50xp.

I somehow misplaced the batter charger for my main camera & thus had to use an older camera, which sadly is lacking, so I apologize for some of the images which are slightly blurred.


So we had no wraiths appear within the structures. There were no other treasure guardians either, so apart from the wandering creatures, it was mostly a battle of warband on warband as they fought to get the treasures. Scott had a really bad game, though he still scored a lot of xp. Each warband did succeed in their ulterior motives.

So the after action was as follows;

Bob (Scott) - 580xp, 1 treasure  - 120gc, Grimoire - Bind Demon 
  Tofer II - slain; Tommy Boy, Theodore, Spot III, Tom II, Tod, Ted - Miss Game.

Ludwig (Chen) - 670xp, 2 treasures - 70gc, Potions - Healing, Invulnerability, Speed; 
  Shield +1 Armour.
  Bremen - slain

Eben (Me) - 480xp, 3 treasures - 370gc, Grimoire - Teleport; Ring of Power(1), Drinking    Horn of Healing.

This game will see Scott reaching level 42, with my warband reaching 40. Thus Bob & Timmy retain the cover for the next game.

Thanks for reading.